Want access to limited micro-lots or pre-release coffees? How about the delivery of these unique coffees right to your door every month? Sound like a dream? We can make it a reality with our Coffee Flight Membership!

We'll ship your flight once a month and provide you with two 12oz bags of artisan small batch roasted coffee. These coffees will be either limited release micro-lots that we don't have enough of to put in our normal line of coffees, or they will be coffees that we have just selected and haven't released to the general consumer yet. All are specialty-grade, and all are single-origin.

That means that YOU will have first, and often exclusive access to new high-end coffees every month! No reordering is necessary. 

In addition, we will include information about each coffee, the origin, and farm, immersing you in the farm-to-cup experience (and giving you the tools to impress your friends with your nerdy coffee know-how).

At $40/month including shipping, this is an experience you need in your life.

Already enjoy your Coffee Flight Membership and want to share the love? Our membership makes a wonderful gift for that person who already has everything. 

Coffee is shipped as whole bean. Coffee Flights are shipped the first Wednesday of every month. You will receive your first flight the following month after your order is placed. (i.e. If you order your flight in December, you will receive your first shipment in January). Your card will be billed on the first of every month.

Plan automatically renews. You are free to cancel at any point. Please e-mail us if you wish to discontinue.

Have a question about brewing or equipment? We are just an e-mail away: info@purposeroasters.com