Born in Colfax, Washington

Purpose Roasters is a small batch roaster in Colfax Washington WITH A PASSION FOR  GREAT COFFEE, AND DOING THINGS WELL. 

Roast Small. Think Big. Let us tell you a bit about ourselves.

When we started roasting, we actually used a popcorn air-popper. As the demand grew, that was just not cutting it in quality or production. The next step was to get into micro batches with our Hot Top roaster. Again within months, we outgrew that as well. 

When we began the conversation about starting a business we had a few requirements. We decided that our story would have to include giving back to the community and society as a whole. We wanted to engage our guests (online and in our roaster) in a way that brought cause and purpose to the forefront. Purpose Roasters was Born. 

Coffee is useful, fun and fills a need. Being able to fill more than cups is what keeps us roasting and giving back.


We believe that everyone has a purpose. Ours is to provide an exceptional coffee experience while investing in the lives of others by helping them find and fulfill their purpose. We believe the value of community and service.   To deliver superior quality products while connecting individuals to a purpose. We believe that people have the innate desire to support the betterment of mankind. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional coffee, while offering a platform for service and stewardship. It is our desire for our customers to be inspired to discover and use their purpose to better our world.
Reach: outward to support others in fulfilling their purpose.

Excellence: in the roasting process from start to finish, and in our interactions with others.

Contribute: to humanity by sourcing coffee from sustainable growers and being responsible stewards of our resources.

Engage: with causes, communities, stories, and individuals.


    • Owned by Husband and Wife team Nick and Brianna Wright. 
    • Nick and Brianna both grew up in the PNW area and value the "family like" feel of this area. 
    • Day Jobs: Nick Roasts, sells and runs Purpose Roasters while his beautiful wife is in the medical field. 
    • Hobbies: Nick and Brianna both like to travel as well as play music and of course spend time with the 4 beautiful cats Jax, Opie, Luna and Zoe.
    • Nick and Brianna are both involved in the church and reaching our community through volunteering at youth groups as well as leading a worship team here in Colfax.